“One’s ideas must be as broad as nature if they are to interpret nature”

-Arthur Conan Doyle


Recent Features

Unseen scars of childhood trauma

Knowable Magazine

“Kids are resilient,” right? Maybe so, but their physiology adapts to chronic or repeated traumas like neglect or violence. Those adaptations come with a cost, as made clear by the groundbreaking Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study, which found a dose-dependent relationship between ACEs and health problems in adulthood. Now researchers are measuring biological responses to ACEs that manifest during childhood, hoping to find ways to intercept and even reverse them.

Big Data for Small Babies

Science News

Scientists are looking for clues as to what causes premature labor in pregnant moms’ immune systems and microbiomes. Read about how they’re using machine learning to make sense of the huge amounts of data in the Science News feature.

Just the Messenger

Nature Medicine

What if we could skip the drugs and give our cells genetic instructions to treat diseases and protect from infection? For this Nature Medicine story, I spoke to scientists engineering a molecule called messenger RNA to do just that.

Commensals Menace

The Scientist

Could our own gut bacteria turn our immune cells against us? For this story in The Scientist magazine, I dove into how microbiota could provide a signal that tips the balance toward autoimmune disease.

Back in the Spotlight

Nature Medicine

A little-known virus that causes cancer decades after infection has been nearly ignored since its cousin, HIV, came on the scene almost 40 years ago.  Today, researchers are rearing to do something about this virus as it becomes a health crisis in some parts of the world.

Shedding Light on Rare Disease Genomics

The Scientist

As it becomes easier and cheaper to sequence entire genomes, families of children with rare diseases are finally getting the answers they’ve been hoping for. Learn more in my piece for The Scientist Magazine.

Breaking through the Blood-Brain Barrier

The Scientist

 Read about some of the creative ways scientists are manipulating or bypassing the brain’s selective fortification, the blood-brain barrier, to get much-needed drugs to the brain in The Scientist Magazine.

Host with the Most

Nature Medicine

Could scientists stop viruses dead in their tracks with drugs that target human proteins instead of viral ones?

Better Together – The “Quantum Theory” of Cancer Treatment

Nova Next

For this story, I dove into the history of a little-known side effect of  cancer radiation therapy that may just be the boost immunotherapy needs to finish off solid tumors. (Runner up for the 2017 AACR June L. Biedler Prize for Cancer Journalism)

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