A sense of immunity:Scientists are detailing the immune system as never beforeNature Medicine

Oldie but goodie: Repurposing penicillin for tuberculosisNature Medicine

Chasing Pac-ManEndeavors Magazine

Hunting for dataSweet Briar Magazine

Changing the field, changing the worldSweet Briar Magazine

Science News 

Studying Ebola SurvivorsThe Scientist

Will there ever be a drug for Celiac disease?Everydayhealth.com

Natural killers: Cataloging immune cells for immunotherapyNature Medicine

Notable Advances 2014Nature Medicine

Drugs that made the headlines in 2014Nature Medicine

Connectivity webs from HIV sequences could inform counselingNature Medicine

Arrests reveal debate about costs and benefits of proton therapyNature Medicine

Efficacy studies build up the case for prenatal immunizationNature Medicine

First QIDP drug approved, but designation may fail urgent needsNature Medicine

Group seeks standardization for what clinical trials must measureNature Medicine

Diversity of opinion welcomed on new blogUNC Chapel Hill Graduate School News


My Blog-ImmYOUnology

Drug target suggested for MERS as case counts riseSpoonful of Medicine(Nature Medicine Blog)

Real-time tissue analysis could guide brain tumor surgerySpoonful of Medicine(Nature Medicine Blog)

Suppressing colon cancerScientific Show Stoppers (Journal of Clinical Investigation)

Out with the oldScientific Show Stoppers (Journal of Clinical Investigation)

A time to healScientific Show Stoppers (Journal of Clinical Investigation)

Got allergies? Try wormsScizzleBlog

Trend setters: Innate Lymphoid Cells in immune toleranceScizzleBlog

How a two hour commute changed my research (for the better)Must Love Science


Refugee family gains a foothold in a foreign land, Dec 11, 2011.-Chapel Hill News and Observer

Triangle groups tackle human trafficking, July 17, 2012.-Chapel Hill News and Observer

Local groups seek stronger anti-trafficking policies, July 21, 2012.Chapel Hill News and Observer

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